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Welcome! | Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Single-Pringle-Club!

Hello there! We're a small community that's just getting started!

This group is based off of a huge joke, so don't take anything too seriously here. We're here to have fun while enjoying (or wallowing) in our single status!

If you're a single pringle just like us, then feel free to join! If you're in a relationship, that's great! If you have any characters that are single, you can join too! Just make sure that you submit only those characters. In order to qualify for membership, either side of the creator/character spectrum for your case must be single in order to fit in.
We will not kick you out if you happen to get into a relationship during your membership. That'd be terribly rude of us, now would it? All you need to do is make sure you post your art in the right folders. :)

Single Pringle news flash!

🌟 New group icon coming soon!
🌟 Holiday contests coming soon! Donate to ObscuredStarline to help us amass a descent amount of prize points to the winners!
🌟 Contest volunteering is welcome!
🌟 BlazingStarO is still deep in the friend-zone. No escape possible.

Now here is our brief Code of Conduct:

-Please be kind to other pringles. No fights on our main page, flame wars, etc., or we shall give you the boot out until things die down. Do not be rude. Courtesy to others is valued here.

-Do not troll our members/ admins, nor spam our page. Please, no chain mail. All comments that classify as this shall be hidden or reported as spam.

-Do not attack our members, flame them, or anything of the like. You will be dealt with personally by group staff if so. We pringles stick together!

-No excessive gore/ violence; fetishes of any kind; nor over-exaggerated proportions (such as pencil thin waists with a big honking bust/butt.) Anything that is generally visually offensive is not welcome here. Keep your submissions to a max of PG-13, and use the mature filter appropriately. Sexualization of characters of any gender is frowned upon in this community.

-You are required to ship- *brick'd* No, not really. Ship all you like, we don't mind. (Joking crackships are welcome)

-This is a lighthearted community taking their marital status with a grain of salt, so you should too. Joke about things, laugh! Do not be a party pooper/ negative nancy/ dark cloud/ etc.. We are here to have fun!

-Take things and jokes lightly in this group. This is a joking community, so if you are highly sensitive and can't take a harmless joke towards yourself, then please do not join for your own sake. We do not want people getting "butthurt" in our community.

-Sarcasm is a welcomed language in this group. ;)

That is all for now. Thank you for reading, and have fun, Single Pringles!

Gallery Folders

Polar Bear in a Snow Storm by FayeleneFyre
The Traveler by BlazingStarO
Digital Art
Divine Beast of Unity - Lunafain by FayeleneFyre
Geroh and Everin Leavance by FayeleneFyre
SoT: Adventure is out There! by FayeleneFyre
Gift: Rito Cilen by FayeleneFyre
Traditional Art
Silvally sketchdump by Franken-Fish
Is that appropriate to wear in public?! by Franken-Fish
Nerdy the CatBat by Franken-Fish
((Gift art)) One-arm bros by Franken-Fish
MM: Herb Hunting by FayeleneFyre
MM: Helping in the Garden by FayeleneFyre
''Inboxes'' by BlazingStarO
''Spidey Sense'' by BlazingStarO
Which was Lost can always be Found by FayeleneFyre
MM | BQ- Shade of the Wolfos! by BlazingStarO
Sketches and-or WIPs
Super SMASH Match! by FayeleneFyre
Welcome to Hyruleburger, home of the Hyrule Burger by FayeleneFyre
Comm: The Adventurer's Downtime by FayeleneFyre
Baby Armless Scrub by FayeleneFyre
It's my Spotlight! by FayeleneFyre
A Horse of Course by FayeleneFyre
Danda-Lyn's Sass Animation by FayeleneFyre
Ready to Go! by FayeleneFyre
Purple Dragon Incoming! by BlazingStarO
Flower crown by Franken-Fish
Smile for the camera! by Franken-Fish
Just a lil' Sugar by FayeleneFyre
Pixels + MISC.
PP Comm | Jitter Bean by BlazingStarO
Lynul Spectrum by Franken-Fish
Lynul by Franken-Fish
Ickurus the Blacksmith by FayeleneFyre
The Couples' Corner
The Sinking Dreamboat Part 2- IT SHIPS by FayeleneFyre


:iconwoodlandsofthebrave: WoodlandsOfTheBrave We're a Frosted Flake commercial :iconwoodland-hearts: Woodland-Hearts Welcome to the Woods :iconobscuredstarlight: ObscuredStarlight Fantasy/Spacepunk | NOW OPEN!


Salt-utations, pringles! Your founding potato chip here to bring you some savory news!

Firstly, look at that glorious new avatar! :iconsingle-pringle-club: Ahhh, finally something nicer than the Pringles brand logo. It's shiny!

Secondly, our members group chat is now up and operational! Now you can mingle with fellow pringles in this wonderful chat! You can find it here:…

Additionally, if requested by enough members, we can open a Skype group chat as well a Discord group chat. Whatever suits your fancy! :dummy:

Anywho, that's all for now! Thank you all for being a part of this group, and we look forward to seeing more submissions from you all!

Your loving founder, forever eternally in the friend-zone,
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Send me a note if you're interested in this big bad wolf.Sonic's Smirk  Rawr.<3
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Hiya!  Stuck here in screwy St. Louie.... :)
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Hello people! I'm searching single girls, to begin with a beautiful friendship at first, then who knows. Someone interested? ;)
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